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Social Media Marketing Services for ALL Types of Businesses.

We offer social media services, search engine services and complete website design services, start to finish. We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for all types of businesses.

Target just the right customers with managed Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaigns. ⟩ Do you want to share your products and services on your social media sites?

Social Media Marketing is not just about advertising or having a couple of channels and profiles – social media is about socializing! It is about creating a genuine and lasting presence in the social web that embeds your content and brand into the places where consumers are congregating and sharing. It’s about creating never-ending streams of content that people care about. It’s about, tapping into their passions and connecting to them in ways that last a lifetime.

Your customers chat with friends, network with colleagues, and meet new people to broaden their list of friends. Whether a person gets an account at one of these social media sites for business or to find lost friends and contacts; they are there networking with a online network of possible customers. Think of all your social media account’s “friends”, and all of their “friends”can you imagine the possibility of being able to market your business service and/or products to this endless list of customers? The beauty of social media marketing.

Need to boost your business reputation, send out a message about your product, issue a press release, or sustain and promote company branding?  You need SEO Portland’s social media marketing and optimization services.

Great Service Comes Standard

√ Social Media Manager
√ Account Manager
√ No Long Term Contracts
√ Custom Content Creation
√ Pre-approved Content, if necessary
√ Identification and assessment of your target audience.

√ Creation of effective marketing strategy and implementation.
√ Continuous Social Media monitoring, including recognition and response.
√ Sustained research, tracking, and adaptation to online trends and resources.
√ Targeting specific keywords, phrases and topics relevant to your brand.
√ We use Analytics and data-tracking tools for strategy improvement.